Martha Cooney, Founder and Director

Martha grew up in Northeast Philadelphia and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania on a Mayor’s Scholarship. She holds a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from City College New York, where she studied Educational Theater and focused her research on children’s storytelling. Martha founded StoryUP! after years spent working as a preschool teacher, teaching artist, and director/instructor in camp, after-school, and family literacy programs. She created StoryUP! to celebrate the space where play and improvisation meet literacy education. Martha lives in Philadelphia, has published a variety of work for children and also performs as a comedian and storyteller.


StoryUP! Performers

Quinton Alexander                Kate Banford

Neil Bardhan                     Susannah Beckett

Darryl Charles                     Sarah Clemency 

Joslynn Cortes                            Emily Davis

Tara Demmy                                Erica Gooch

Dan Higgins                            Kristofer Hodge

Josh Holober-Ward                 Derrick Houck

Susan LaPalombara                   Sarah LeClair

Kayleigh Liggitt                       Wendy Lenhart 

Brian McCarthy                                 R.J. Payne

Brett Rader                           Caroline Rhoads

Rebekah Rickards                   Jacob Schrimpf

Catherine Smith                      Andrew Stober

Cait Sumner                                        Sue Taney 

Lamarr Todd                      Pim van Huijkelom

Jimmy Wyatt